Widespread responses to climate change, especially in developing countries, cannot occur without addressing inequalities in political, social and economic power relations, which often reinforce unequal outcomes from climate change responses. To be socially transformative in this way requires actions with intentional design and implementation, informed by strong evidence and analysis.


Transforming Social Inequalities through Inclusive Climate Action (TSITICA) project

This is the first research project that brings together two ARUA centres of excellence to work together on the interactions between climate change, poverty and inequality. The TSITICA project is a joint project of ACEIR and the ARUA Centre of Excellence in Climate Development, both based at the University of Cape Town, and in partnership with academics from four universities in the United Kingdom. The overall goal of the project is to build an African-led transdisciplinary research team that will generate high-quality evidence and understanding of how climate change action can leverage sustainable development outcomes in Africa. Read more