The publications listed here are the results of collaborations between researchers from different ACEIR country nodes and sometimes in collaboration with researchers from ACEIR partner organisations such as national statistical offices.

Handbook on inequality measurement for country studies

Muna Shifa, Vimal Ranchhod, 2019, revised 2023 (English); 2022 (French)

Cover of Handbook on Inequality Measurement for Country Studies

To build capacity for the country-level inequality analysis, a Handbook on Inequality Measurement for Country Studies was developed by ACEIR researchers at the University of Cape Town. While the handbook was developed specifically as an intermediate guide for the ACEIR node members, it may also be useful for researchers who are planning an inequality study within a particular country. In addition, the handbook has been written with a meta objective in mind; namely to facilitate the comparability of results and findings across countries. This externality represents one of the major motivations for a multi-country collaboration such as ACEIR. English version | French version