ACEIR’s goal is to contribute to deep, multidimensional and interdisciplinary understandings of inequality in each country context, and a continental and global understanding of how inequalities can be overcome.

Our approach includes building capacity for frontier data scholarship alongside research analyses of inequality that also are anchored in historical legacies of the political economy of African development. 

The Centre has an ambitious research agenda, which is shaped by complex questions that span the ACEIR nodes, including:

  1. The interplay between growth, inequality, and poverty.
  2. The origins of contemporary inequality.
  3. The contribution of empirical evidence to the derivation and implementation of meaningful sets of multidimensional indicators of well-being useful to international measurements such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within each country.

Research themes

ACEIR’s research programme addresses these themes:

Different projects within these themes are undertaken by the research teams at the Centre’s nodes in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, often in partnership with research institutions within our networks.