Workshop, 17 November 2023 ARUA Centres of Excellence early career workshop on the use of panel data in the analysis of poverty, inequality, and related topics hosted by ACEIR [more]
Public lecture, 14 November 2023 Hosted by ACEIR Kenya, University of Nairobi; the National Gender and Equality Commission and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to release an “Inequality diagnostics for Kenya” report
Policy dialogue, 1 November 2023 Convened by Oxfam in Ghana to launch and discuss an ACEIR policy brief published for an Oxfam project implemented in conjunction with ACEIR Ghana researchers at ISSER, University of Ghana [media coverage]
Seminar, 6 September 2023 ACEIR and SALDRU joint seminar: Prof. Robert Lensink on "The impact of bundling index insurance with credit and input vouchers: Experimental evidence from Ethiopia"
Conference, 8 July 2023 31st International Association For Feminist Economics (IAFFE) Annual Conference hosted by IAFFE and ACEIR: Özlem Onaran, Ajit Zacharias, Maureen Were, Francisco Cos Montiel and Valeria Esquivel at the plenary chaired by İpek İlkkaracan on "Macroeconomics of investing in care: Advances in research and policy implications" [recording]
Conference, 7 July 2023 31st International Association For Feminist Economics (IAFFE) Annual Conference hosted by IAFFE and ACEIR: Raquel Fernandez, Daniela Casale, Priscilla Twumasi Baffour and Lebohang Liepollo Pheko at the plenary hosted in partnership with IEA-WE and chaired by Abena Oduroat on "Empowering women in economics: Exploring opportunities and overcoming constraints in an African context" [recording]
Conference, 6 July 2023 31st International Association For Feminist Economics (IAFFE) Annual Conference hosted by IAFFE and ACEIR: Lebohang Liepollo Pheko, Evelyn Nyadwera, Luiza Nassif Pires and Edith Phaswana at the plenary chaired by Abena Oduroat on "Envisioning feminist economics strategies for an equitable and sustainable world" [recording]
Seminar, 21 June 2023 ACEIR and SALDRU joint seminar: Dr Scott Timcke on "The Political Economy of Fortune and Misfortune" [recording]
Seminar, 17 March 2023 ACEIR, SALDRU, UCT School of Economics, WISER and the Southern Centre for Inequality Studies joint seminar: Prof. Adam Tooze on “The global economy, climate change and inequality” [recording]
Seminar, 16 March 2023 ACEIR and SALDRU joint seminar: Prof. Clara E. Mattei on “Methodology – Using history to understand contemporary political economy” [recording]
Symposium, 7 – 8 March 2023   ARUA Climate Change and Inequalities Symposium: ACEIR researchers presented papers on Justice in Transition – Transforming Social Inequalities Through Inclusive Climate Action (TSITICA) [recordings]
Seminar, 1 March 2023 ACEIR and SALDRU joint seminar: Prof. Mike Savage on “Sociological perspectives on the challenges of inequality: Researching racial justice and taxation” [recording]
Conference, 7 – 9 December 2022 AFD 15th international development research conference: Presentation by Dr Muna Shifa on “Who is multidimensionally vulnerable to climate change in Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa?” and input by Prof Murray Leibbrandt [recording]
Conference, 5 – 7 October 2022 WIDER development conference: Presentations by Dr Monica Lambon-Quayefio, Dr Moses Muriithi, and Dr Takwanisa Machemedze at the parallel session on "Measuring and understanding African inequality" hosted by ACEIR and the UNU-WIDER World Income Inequality Database project [recordings]
The Directors' Event, 24 June 2022 Sunday Times event: Input by Prof Murray Leibbrandt at the session on "New ways of tackling inequality" [recording]
Inequality Awareness Week, 2 June 2022 University of Helsinki event: Keynote by Dr Monica Lambon-Quayefio on "Gender inequality in the Global South: The role of social institutions" [recording]
Conference, 18 May 2022 Berlin Demography Days conference: Keynote by Dr Nkechi S. Owoo at the session on "Younger people and the life course"" [recording]
Webinar, 5 May 2022 Spatial inequalities through the lens of a pandemic: COVID-19 vulnerabilities and lockdown preparedness in Ghana and Kenya [read more]
Webinar, 26 April 2022 A network perspective on vertical and horizontal inequality [read more]
Report launch, 9 March 2022  World Bank webinar: Inequality in Southern Africa: An assessment of the Southern African Customs Union. With input from Prof Murray Leibbrandt [recording]
Webinar, 26 November 2021 TSITICA webinar: COP26 outcomes and relevance for research on transformative climate action to reduce social inequality [recording]    
Conference, 19 November 2021 ARUA third biennial conference: Final keynote address by ACEIR director, Prof Murray Leibbrandt, on "Planning for inclusive growth: What did the COVID-19 pandemic teach us?" and with input from Ghana node convener (Prof Robert Osei) and Kenya node convener (Prof Damiano Manda) [recording]
Conference, 19 November 2021 ARUA third biennial conference: Early career workshop on "Climate change, inequality, and health" hosted by ACEIR and ARUA-CD [recording]
Conference, 15 November 2021 ARUA third biennial conference: Plenary session presentation by ACEIR Ghana convener, Prof Robert Osei, on "Post-COVID growth, poverty and inequality in Africa" [recording]
Webinar, 26 August 2021 TSITICA webinar: Gender inequalities in asset ownership and energy access [recording]
Dissemination workshop, 23 July 2021 Impact of fiscal action on poverty and inequality in Kenya [recording]
Report launch, 12 July 2021 Inequality diagnostics and trends for Kenya, 2020 [recording]
Webinar, 25 May 2021 Recent trends and patterns in spatial and national inequalities in sub-Saharan Africa [recording]
Webinar, 21 May 2021 TSITICA webinar: Adaptation interventions and their effect on vulnerability in developing countries [recording]
Webinar, 29 April 2021 TSITICA webinar: Climate risk, poverty and inequality [recording]
Conference, 23 March 2021 Final conference of the first phase of the EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities: Input by Profs Murray Leibbrandt, Robert D. Osei and Damiano Manda at the session on African inequalities [recording], and Prof Leibbrandt at the session on "Tools for inequality strategies" [recording]
Webinar, 15 February 2021 TSITICA webinar: Multidimensional poverty and climate change [recording]
Webinar, 11 December 2020 South African inequalities and Piketty’s “Capital and ideology” [recording]
Webinar, 30 November 2020 TSITICA webinar: Understanding energy systems models  [recording]
Report launch, 27 November 2020 Inequality diagnostics for Ghana report [launch highlights video]
Webinar, 27 November 2020 TSITICA webinar: An intertwined approach to equity and sustainability in the Anthropocene [recording]
Webinar, 17 November 2020 EC-Oxfam-AFDAECID webinar: Multidimensional inequalities: embedding inequality reduction into development cooperation. How do we do it?, with input by Prof Murray Leibbrandt [recording]
Webinar, 16 November 2020 TSITICA webinar: Using mixed methods to analyse the experiences of precarity [recording]
Webinar, 14 September 2020 TSITICA webinar: Climate change response options [recording]
Webinar, 9 June 2020 Repurposing social assistance as emergency relief [working paper]
Webinar, 1 June 2020 EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities webinar: Presentation by Rocco Zizzamia on "Earnings inequality over the life course in South Africa" [recording]
Stakeholder engagement, 11 February 2020 Inequality trends report: A multidimensional diagnostic of inequality in South Africa [article]
Report launch, 14 November 2019 Inequality trends in South Africa: A multidimensional diagnostic of inequality [media release]
Seminar, 30 October 2019 TSITICA webinar: Trade-offs between climate action and poverty reduction [presentation]
Seminar, 24 September 2019 Global health and the HIV response in the SDG era [article]
Seminar, 21 August 2019 The SDGs in South Africa: why transitions are always the hardest part [article]