This cornerstone research programme involves working with the national statistical offices and government departments of different African countries to:

  • Use census, survey and administrative data to profile and map inequality and poverty.
  • Understand the persistence of inequality by describing and analysing multidimensional inequalities and their interactions.
  • Analyse the dynamics of poverty and inequality by using panel data.
  • Use the evidence generated as a platform for dialogue on strategies to overcome poverty and inequality.

The approach to work with national statistical offices is central to our research agenda and also forms the bridge into an effective working relationship with governments on policies to overcome inequality. 


Inequality diagnostics

The main objective of this project is to summarise existing knowledge on the inequality trends in different African countries by using available national survey data and take stock of future data needs to help inform policies to overcome inequality. The reports serve as a baseline on inequality trends in each country and are used to explore the implications of the data analyses with different sectoral stakeholders. Read more