Side events at the Inequality, Work, and Nature conference, 7 & 10 November

18 Oct 2023
A photo of the main auditorium of the UCT Academic Conference Centre, UCT Graduate School of Business, Cape Town.

Photo: Charmaine Smith

18 Oct 2023

Three of the events on the fringe of the Inequality, Work, and Nature conference will take place on the day before the conference, and on the day after the conference:

  • Inequality diagnostics for the future: Exploring opportunities for a new generation of diagnostics that consider climate change and the transformation of labour markets. 
    Hosted by ACEIR, the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the International Labour Organisation.
    7 November @ 9.30 am. See details
  • Tackling inequalities: Exploring the I-Marker and EU actions in South Africa
    A seminar on the European Union’s efforts in reducing inequality.
    7 November @ 2.30 pm. See details
  • Transforming social inequalities through inclusive climate action – evidence from Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa: Discussing how the inequalities in the current climate regime shape national responses at multi-scalar levels of climate governance.
    Hosted by the TSITICA project, a collaboration between ACEIR and the ARUA Centre of Excellence in Climate and Development.
    7 November @ 3.00 pm. See details
  • Jobs in South Africa: Data to support a just inclusive transition: Discussing collaboration, within South Africa and internationally, to develop innovative, data-driven strategies to provide insights that will support a just and inclusive transition.
    Hosted by the World Data Lab and AFD.
    10 November @ 9.30 am. See details